Wish_List Certifications

Wish_List Certifications

An overview of my perspective on Certifications, along with a list of those I intend to seek

My thoughts on certifications

Certifications do not work like magic neither the solution. So there is no pass this and become this; rather, it is a never-ending process of learning and attracting the right knowledge to find your final answer, if one exists at all.

At this point, I've discovered that certs are extremely useful in terms of staying disciplined and adhering to deadlines, which is a high organizational skill itself, in addition to the astounding information you'll learn.

So I'm focusing more on the journey for the sake of progress, and below is the Wishlist I intend to pursue!

Hello, I came to provide you with a link to additional thoughts on certifications; please come visit more momentum from here!

Certifications Wish List

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

GCP CertificationsExam CodePriceStatus
GCP Cloud Digital LeaderCDL$99⌛️
Associate Cloud EngineerACE$125⌛️
Total:🗅$Still thinking⌛️


HashiCorp CertificationsExam CodePriceStatus
HashiCorp Terraform AssociateTA-002-P$70.5
HashiCorp Consul Associate🗅$70.5⌛️
HashiCorp Vault Associate🗅$70.5⌛️
HashiCorp Vault Pro🗅$295⌛️


K8S CertificationsExam CodePriceStatus
Kubernetes and Cloud Native AssociateKCNA$250⌛️
Certified Kubernetes Application DeveloperCKAD$375⌛️
Certified Kubernetes AdministratorCKA$375⌛️
Certified Kubernetes Security SpecialistCKS$375⌛️


Linux CertificationsExam CodePriceStatus
Linux Foundation Certified System AdministratorLFCS$395⌛️
Red Hat Certified System AdministratorRHCSA$450⌛️
Red Hat Certified EngineerRHCE$450⌛️

Total of totals (excluding material costs): $7,181

Who knows when these will be done or if I will actually finish, i'm in anyway.

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