Passing Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Passing Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Free materials to prepare for Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Just after you are done with the foundation, things are becoming more serious now. You'll need a good practice with Azure for this level.


In fact, this certification assisted me in understanding what happens in the cloud and what an Azure administrator does.
This blog will provide you with the resources you need to gain that knowledge and sit for the exam.

Foremost, the exam code for the certification is AZ-104, as every time with Microsoft world, their open source documentation should be your first leap.

Watch this video from Yatharth Kapoor before beginning your preparation, where he simply explains some great material for the certification in a short video.
I recall viewing it while I was stressed out and it helped me arrange my thoughts.

Now some compressed material!

Andrew Brown course is free and available on freeCodeCamp Youtube channel, covering all the topics of the exam.

  • This course will get you steps into your preparation.

Importantly, you cannot prepare for an Azure certification without going through what John Savill provides to the community.

He is having a playlist covering the whole exam and more..

Bonus Tip:

If you are preparing for this exam, try to build things with the services provided by Azure in parallel with your study. Such things that you will thank yourself for later.

In sum, it's an interesting certification that brings more joy to continuously keep learning on track, good luck!

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