Microsoft Certified: The Renewal Process

What to expect before the expiration date of your certificate.

Microsoft Certified: The Renewal Process

Microsoft role-based and specialty certifications expire every year unless they’re renewed.

You passed your exam today, six months later you can renew your certification and extend it for another year and a half. Microsoft will notify you via email.

docs.PNG This article contains the latest updates to the renewal process since I just passed it a few hours ago.

278469730_494879895628421_833792135060569004_n.png Above all, let's discuss some key points:

  • The renewal is at no cost.
  • You pass an unproctored assessment that measures the skills you need, to remain up to date in your job role.


  • The number of questions varies but it is definitely less than the real test, 28 questions for my case.
  • Microsoft will provide you with free learning modules on the certification renewal page for you to review and prepare for, prior to the assessment.

  • You can perform the assessment as much time as you need before the certificate expiry date. After your second failed attempt, you must wait one day before the next essay, lol.

    YEAH. That happened to me in my very first renewal.

As for the passing score for the assessment , it used to be 70% then Microsoft lowered it to 60%, and at the present time the passing score is down to 53% . Thus, if you score 53% and above, congrats.


Some certifications, despite that, need 60% minimum.

If you don’t pass the renewal assessment before your certification expires, you must earn the certification again by passing the required exam.

Results for AZ-500 image_2022-07-13_200958655.png


Recertification raises the overall value of your Certification by demonstrating to individuals and employers that your credential encompasses the most recent Azure knowledge, skills, and best practices. I enjoyed the process, a different environment than the real exam, less stress & with the intention to learn.

Note: Microsoft fundamentals certifications never expire.

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