Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert | Resources

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert | Resources

The Ultimate Material Mixture For AZ-305.


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Solutions Architect

Microsoft solutions architect is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying Microsoft-based solutions. They work with customers to understand their business needs and then design a solution that meets those needs. Solutions architects also work with developers to ensure that the solution is implemented correctly and works as expected.

The architect must be skilled in a variety of areas, including technology, industry knowledge, communication, stakeholder management, leadership, problem solving, decision making, and negotiation.

The simplest way to describe a solutions architect is someone who can experiment with cloud services and create effective designs through their combination. This individual is expected to know when to use what and architect the technical vision for a specific market solution.

The Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification is a powerful exam that focuses on designing a wide range of cloud services. I recommend that you review the most of the materials provided below, which assisted me in absorbing the knowledge required to sit and pass this exam.

Prerequisite : The candidate must pass the az-104 exam to earn the AZ-305 badge.

Structured Exam Material

AZ-104 Study Guide✔️
AZ305 DOCs✔️
AZ-305 Playlist, John Savill✔️
Review Questions and Answers✔️
Udemy Course, Alan✔️
Udemy Course, Scott✔️
Azure Architecture Center✔️

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