Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate | Study Guide

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate | Study Guide

The Ultimate Material Mixture For AZ-204.


I'm not going to use any of the fancy terms that's frequently cast off to characterize an examination's broad topics. The AZ-204 is for those who have an aim of learning about the cloud's development side, get to know some technologies and establish a discipline in the process.

When the exam gets underway, you will be asked to select your preferred programming language C# or Python, and based on that choice, your questions will take effects.

Learn CSharp

It appears reasonable to start learning C#, which ranked eighth among the most popular programming languages by techies in the Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2021. C# has been the primary language for backend architecture and Windows apps. With NET's extensive capabilities, it becomes a versatile language that can be used across platforms.

The Initial Step

Scott Hanselman is what we refer to as a ".net guru". He has extensive knowledge of the .NET ecosystem and this video of his is an excellent introduction to your inquiries.

More CSharp Resources

Examinable Materials

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn will always provide you with what you necessitate. Isn't it enjoyable to read anyway?

Alan Rodrigues

Alan has made his entire Udemy course available for free on YouTube. This is a great resource for delving into the exam objective in a lecture with a thorough explanation.

Microsoft Official Courseware

This AZ-204 Courseware is a collection of 12 hands-on labs that correspond to the exam desired outcomes.


This step isn't imperative. Yet when it comes to Microsoft Azure, though, Scott Duffy content is revealing.


You'll have no excuse now that you've got these resources to start learning with. Find a vision and work toward it; you will discover that passion will develop along the way. Let's go!

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