AWS Certified: Cloud Practitioner Certification

AWS Certified: Cloud Practitioner Certification

What did I check before taking the test?


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Hey, I'll be taking the exam tomorrow; in any case, here are the resources that helped me prepare.

You'll have more structure now.

Pluralsight Course✔️
AWS Technical Essentials✔️
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Course✔️
Andrew Brown Course, Youtube✔️
Stephane Full Course, Udemy✔️
Stephane 390Practice Tests on Udemy✔️
Digital Cloud Resources✔️✔️
500 Practice Tests on Udemy✔️
Rishab Notes✔️

Before proceeding with the material, please review the awesome AWS display below on how to become certified.

I'm here!
- Take me

Hey again, unlike Microsoft, AWS takes time to generate the score report.

But yeah, congratulations. Passed! 🚀☝️

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